The New Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium

View of the planetarium inside the glass lobby. View is from the south.
Credit: Cannon Design
The Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium will include a 35-foot diameter projection dome with state-of-the-art digital and analog projectors. The combination of these two projectors will allow us to present exciting, educational programs about astronomy, planetary science, Earth science, biology, chemistry, art, history, and much more! Comfortable, unidirectional seating will accommodate 48 patrons.
Lobby view of the 43-foot diameter outer dome.
Credit: Cannon Design
The planetarium will be housed in an outer dome containing a Fibonacci sequence pattern, which is also carried throughout the rest of the building. The pattern is tilted 23.5 degrees, representing the tilt of Earth's axis.
The planetarium is currently in a temporary location and uses an inflatable dome with a SciDome digital planetarium system. This temporary planetarium will be used until our new facility opens in a few years*
*The open date for our new planetarium has been pushed back several times due to delays in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 segments of the new Science and Mathematics Complex. Phase 3 is now demolition of part of the old Science Building and is scheduled to start in Fall 2017 with construction of Phase 4, which contains the new planetarium, to begin in Summer or Fall 2018. .