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Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium
SUNY Buffalo State 
Buffalo, NY 14222

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.  - Carl Sagan
Saturdays: June 22 & 29 and July 6 & 13
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Exploring the Summer Skies
Saturdays at 6:00 pm

​This live program will introduce you to planets, 
constellations, and other celestial objects visible in 
Buffalo's night sky this summer. This will include the 
best times to view Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, and 
where to find constellations such as Leo. Scorpius, 
and Cygnus the Swan.

This program also allows plenty of time for 
audience questions!

Best for: Ages 7 and above 

Total run time: Approximately 50 minutes 

We will be closed July 21 - September 6
Capcom GO! - The Apollo Story
Saturdays at 7:30 pm

One Small Step . . . 

50 years ago the first human walked on the moon. 
Discover the story behind this historic moment in 
this immersive, historical program that showcases 
the achievements of the Apollo program and what 
it took to put the first human on the Moon.  

This program lets you relive the excitement and pride 
of the Apollo program and introduces a new generation 
to the immense challenges they overcame. Younger 
audiences will be inspired to become the explorers, 
designers, engineers, thinkers and dreamers of the future.

View the show trailer HERE.

Includes a discussion about Earth's nearest neighbor, the Moon.

Best for: Ages 7 and above 

Total run time: Approximately 50 minutes 
Exploring the Summer Skies