The Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium
2019-2020 Public Programs
(This will be the last season in our temporary location)

October 19 - November 23
        Star Stories of the Iroquois               Saturdays at 6:00 pm 
        Birth of Planet Earth & Star Tour      Saturdays at 7:30 pm 

November 30 - December 22
        The Longest Night & Stars of the Holiday Season
        Let It Snow - A Holiday Music Journey  

December 28 - January 11
        Stars in My Backyard (A sky tour geared toward younger audiences)
        Perfect Little Planet - An Alien's Tour of Our Solar System

January 18 - February 22
        Two Small Pieces of Glass - History of the Telescope
        Jewels of the Winter Sky 

February 28 - LEAP DAY
        The planetarium will be presenting a "film festival" of our immersive,         fulldome programs all afternoon.

March 7 - 28
        One World, One Sky - A Sesame Street Program
        From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA

April 4 - 25
​       CapCom Go! - The Apollo Story
       Spring Skies Over Buffalo

May 2 - 30
​        Astronaut   
        Secrets of the Night Sky

The temporary planetarium will be closed following these programs in preparation for our new, state of the art facility!