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Saturdays January 12 through February 23
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The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale
Saturdays at 6:00 pm

"The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale" is a one-of-a-kind
fulldome planetarium show that captures its audience
with a timeless fable of courage, generosity and renewal.
Its story explores the concept that winter is a time for
Earth to rest, waiting for new growth in the spring.

Its star, a young girl born into a family of nomadic
storytellers, embarks on a simple quest that leads
her to a dragon's nest. What will she discover there,
and how will it help her save her village? Watch the trailer here.

Includes an Astronomy Update presentation about current events in astronomy exploration.

Total run time: 45 minutes

Best for: Children ages 7 and older and their families. Younger children will enjoy much of "The Longest Night" but might become frightened during the lead character's journey through the woods and first encounter with the dragon.

Diamonds of Winter
Saturdays at 7:30 pm

Join us for this live tour of Buffalo's winter night sky
without needing to be outside! Learn about the
constellations, planets, and other celestrial objects
visible during our coldest months and where/when
to find them!

Do you know which star is the brightest as seen
from Earth at night? (hint: it is NOT Polaris, i.e., the
North Star). Learn its name and where to find it
during this program.

Total run time: 50 minutes

Best for: Children ages 7 and older and their families. Children 4 and younger are not allowed in the planetarium for most public shows due to safety concerns.

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Diamonds of Winter